Here, we help people build Personal Delivery Robots because it will transform the delivery services. It plays a critical part in solving terrifying pandemics by reducing the amount of physical contact. Above all, this self-driving robot carries up to 10kg of goods. As as a result of its smart AI, it covers a route along country roads and simple curves independently. Therefore, a Personal Delivery Robot helps infected people in places where social interaction is minimum. It delivers goods and also reduces the spread of the virus.

Vision & Mission


We support Personal Delivery Robot projects  especially the ones that influence the society positively

Accessible to all households because we help people assemble affordable Personal Delivery Robots

Emission-free delivery

Increase the local economy because Personal Delivery Robot encourages local delivery


To help people in need who are exposed to delivery & accessibility issues

Our Aim

To help build robots that will deliver and pick up essentials such as groceries and medication especially in remote areas



This website provides information intended to help people build a self driving robot and to use it to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 virus, for example by using the robot to deliver groceries or medication. The development of the robot is ongoing and it is not complete. The information on the website is subject to change. The website and the contents of the website are provided free of charge.

The robot as described on the website is a vehicle for testing software. We do not deploy the robot for applications that carry risk of any kind. Please pay attention to the guidelines and suggestions given, also for the use and charging of the battery.  No explicit regulatory permission of any kind has been sought for deployment of the robot.
This website has been put together with the greatest possible care. We are in no way responsible for any omissions and inaccuracies with regard to the information provided on the website, for whatever reason. We do not accept any liability.

The design of the website and the information provided on the website are subject to certain intellectual property rights. Unless explicitly authorised to do so, you are not allowed to reproduce information provided on the website for commercial purposes of any kind.